Itʼs not easy, so itʼs nice

Orient was Founded in 1947

With reliable technology and trust.

Toward next stage.

ORIENS Eyeglasses

Things change,
but some things never change

New technology, materials and designs

occasionally playfulness.

But essence and comfort stay in there.

Time knows the value

Well used things age with beauty

By using it for a long time, you recognize the ture value.


Materials, design, craftsmanship.

One by one.Refine over and over again.



We have been designing highly durable frames for the past 70 decades.

Manufacture of eyewear


We have kept working closely with manufacturers who take pride in frame making through the production network, achieving high-quality manufacturing process.


SABAE Quality

"ORIENS" is the origin of the word “Orient”. We provide high-quality frames worth our brand.


Follow Up Services

We will make our best effort to provide follow up services with Fukui Sabae pride.

Connected world
with trust

Something that transcends time, space, and culture.

Technology connects the world.